First extraordinary litter in our kennel

In our kennel on 29.05.2017 were born 9 magical very healthy and extraordinary puppies. The eyes opened 3 girls (all black) and 6 boys (4 liver and 2 black). 

Puppies have extraordinary blood line. Many world winners, european winners, crufts winners, international champions, .... 

 Sire: MCH MJCH O'ZONE SANDMAN a.k.a. Sandy 
Born: 06.08.2015
Owner & coowner: Lacrima Christi Kennel & O'Zone Kennel 

Born: 24.02.2015
Owner: Spirit of Magic Kennel
  First row: 
ARE YOU DANCING SPIRIT OF MAGIC a.k.a. Lya (black girl - stay in Spirit of Magic Kennel)
AUTUMN BISCUITS SPIRIT OF MAGIC a.k.a. Linux (liver boy - owner: Nicole Celikkol - Austria)
APHRODITE'S BEAUTY SPIRIT OF MAGIC a.k.a. Sky (liver boy - coowner: Marjeta Lozej - Slovenia)
AQUAMARINE HEART SPIRIT OF MAGIC a.k.a. Aqua (black girl - owner: Lea Andrist - Switzerland)

Second row: 
ARAMIS MUSKETEER SPIRIT OF MAGIC a.k.a. Ari (black boy - owner: Mihael Gobec - Slovenia)
AGENT MOON SPIRIT OF MAGIC a.k.a. Doom (liver boy - owner: Špela Žibert - Slovenia)
A MAN IN THE MIRROR SPIRIT OF MAGIC a.k.a. Mystique (liver boy - coowner: Marjeta Lozej - Slovenia)
ASTA LA VISTA SPIRIT OF MAGIC a.k.a. Sya (black girl - 
owner: Jernej Sterle - Slovenia)
ATOS MUSKETEER SPIRIT OF MAGIC a.k.a. Atos (black boy - owner: Marta Ajdišek - Slovenia)

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