About us

The passion about animals I have since I was a little girl. I grew up in a farming family where we always had a dog. Even the ancient people were saying, "The family without a dog is not a family!" I grew up with dogs and cats, but I always prefer dogs than cats.

Initially we had in house always dogs breed Newfoundland or "happiness on leash," as some call it. These dogs are the biggest fans of families and children, but especially water. However, since I was a little girl, I always desire to have dogs breed Beagle and Dalmatian. Those two breed were mine the biggest wish.

Oh yeah! In 2012 came in our family the courageous dog with pedigree name Kan Lipovški. Kan is a dog breed Beagle. Beagles are hunting dogs and between hunting breeds have the most highly developed hunting instinct and instinct for prey. They are heart dogs, but also stubborn. They are very trainable and opportunistic. In their clever heads, quickly recognise how you would turn around. They are the exact opposite of Newfoundland, which are quiet and rather lazy dogs. With Kan I passed obedience exam A and B-BH. We also done the natural ability test [PNZ] and breeding evaluation of I/I. He is very active in the search field after injuring soil in a natural environment. Occasionally we also go to the beauty contests CAC and CACIB, but this is not the Kan’s primary dos.

After a few years, I started looking around for second dog. In the childhood, I always want to have also the dog breed Dalmatian. In 2015, my wish come true. In April 2015 joined our family also the small tease, which name is Lacrima Christi Come Dance Withme. At home, we call by her shorter name, which is Demi. Demi came from Croatia. Croatia is the home country of Dalmatian. She was born in world famous kennel Lacrima Christi. Now she is growing up in a playful and nice Dalmatian girl. She is very active at the national, international and world dog’s shows. However, this is not her only discipline, which she performed with distinction. With Demi, I train also agility and she is learning to search prohibited substances.

In 2016 joined in our family also the little monster with name Lacrima Christi Carousel. We call him Fly. Fly is a young Dalmatian boy, which is full of joy and life’s happiness. It is extraordinary working potential, but he also loves beauty contests.  He is young but big champion.

All our three paws live in the house, as an equal member of the family, because I cannot imagine that they would be outside freezing.

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